How to be PERFECT

How to be perfect

Hey y'all I finally made another YouTube video!! Explaining my absence from YouTube! But now I am back, with one new video a week! I hope this video inspires some of you who may have gone through the same dilemma of being  Perfectionist as I have.

Once I was told that "people that are perfectionist, tend to be people, who at one point in their life did not feel that they were good enough"... Being a perfectionist is not a good thing. You are perfect the way you are, flaws and all. Your "flaws" are the things that make you different, unique, relatable, and human. Own and love every "flaw" that you have, because nobody is perfect, and to be a perfectionist is a waste of time and energy.


All New Recipe Post!

stew chicken recipe

Hey guys! I know it has been some time since I last did a recipe post, but within the past few months we have been quite busy... but a good busy! We have been recently trying to close on our 1st home... which I might add, took us 5 months to find, and not to mention we had already placed offers on several houses that fell through prior.

We had no idea how stressful the process of purchasing a house would be, and since my husband was promoted to a buyer at his job, he hardly had time to do anything regarding our house search... So, I decided to do all the foot work and negotiations, but I had no clue how hard it would be to manage all of it with our twin toddlers.

Nevertheless, I am so happy that this journey is soon to be over! I honestly went from not being able to focus on blogging due to the stress of purchasing our home, to now I can’t blog new recipes because all my photography equipment is packed up. So with all that having been said, I will be returning with all new recipe, techniques, and informative post on August 25th!

I can't wait to share with you some of the new recipes and kitchen hacks that I've discovered over the past few months... It is going to be epic!


Welcome to Momstaurant

how to cook

Momstaurant… Yes where mom's meals meets the restaurant; inspiring all mothers to cook and present restaurant quality meals for their family... and it doesn't stop there!

 Here at Momstaurant my goal is to inspire and help my fellow mothers who have found themselves stuck in a limited culinary box. And because of life's busy schedules, or lack of motivation, or even fear of trying something new and creating a kitchen disaster, they have become robotic in the kitchen; cooking the same dishes week by week, or ordering more takeout than actually cooking at home for their family. Now I know sometimes the whole idea of cooking something new can be a bit overwhelming at first thought, but it really isn't a hard challenge, you just have to have proper direction... and that's where Momstaurant comes in!

Momstaurant is informative, relatable, and inspiring. I will share not just easy and delicious recipes, but also beautiful plating tricks, beneficial information on the spices, herbs, and foods we eat, and key time-management in the kitchen. I will also share a few of my very own kitchen disaster stories, and how I overcame them, along with a slew of kitchen must-haves, weekly menu ideas for your family, and so much more! I really want to inspire my fellow mothers to look at cooking as something fun and prideful to do for their family, instead of something that's mandatory to live.

 So welcome to Momstaurant, and let the fun begin.