Spicy Caribbean Falafels

Falafel recipe

Oh, how I love Falafels; they’re savory, fulfilling, and a great substitute for meat! And no… they do NOT taste like meat, but they are dense, so after eating a few you will no longer feel the need to snack on anything else. For those who are unfamiliar with Falafels here is a little fun history fact…

Falafels originated from ancient Egypt, and its name came from the Arabic word for spicy, mefelfel. It quickly became a favorable “fast food” throughout the Middle East and has been transformed into the Israeli national street food.

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There are so many different ways to eating and preparing Falafels. I personally love eating them inside a pita with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and onion smothered a nice creme sauce... yes I have a sauce problem… I also enjoy eating them in a salad, or lettuce wrap.

how to make falafels

Flavor-wise, there are endless ways to make Falafels taste different each time you make them, and this recipe will have your taste buds jumping! Now be warned… my family and I enjoy spicy food, so as you are preparing your Falafels, be sure to taste as you season.

how to make falafels

One of the great things about this recipe is that it is completely vegan, so you can taste you go! So with that being said, check out my Spicy Caribbean Falafels…


And in case you are wondering “Caribbean Falafels, I thought it was a Middle Eastern Dish”? Well, it is… but I wanted to put my own spin on the recipe and infuse some of my favorite flavors, which are Caribbean and Latin flavor… so like I said, this recipe will have your taste buds jumping! So let's get started! Oh and all the ingreients listed can be found at your local grocer or Walmart!

falafel recipe