Spicy Chipotle Chili Hummus VIDEO

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I remember the first time I had hummus was back in 2007; and although I was a foodie then, I was still a little skeptical of new (healthy) things to try. I remember being at work, and my manager was going IN on a tub of hummus, which at the time did not look that appealing to me. Honestly back then I wasn’t a fan of food that was mushy with the exception of mashed potatoes, thick and creamy like yogurt or gelatinous like pudding. It was just something about the textures back then that did not sit right with me. So of course when my manager offered me some of her hummus, I gave her the classic “eww” face, but I still tried it because I didn’t want to be rude… And surprise, I’ve been hooked ever since!

Now in 2017, and have tried almost every cuisine, recipe, and different textures under the sun; my viewpoints are a lot different. I love hummus and I love the texture… surprising right? I love the variety of different flavors you can create, and if you’ve been following me for a while you know about my Cilantro Hummus recipe that I love to make. I also love the health benefits of hummus, because it is made solely of chickpeas, a little oil, seasonings, and Tahini sauce. It is loaded with protein, helps with weight loss, helps control blood sugar levels, it’s high in fiber, and it helps to protect against heart disease and cancer! Amazing right! Who knew that a little legume like chickpeas would be so awesome for your health?

Although you can find hummus premade and packaged at your local grocer, there is just something about making your own that takes the experience to a new level. You can customize it to fit your own flavor pallet, and you can make however much you want without breaking the bank!

So with that having been said, check out one of my all-time favorite hummus recipes that I enjoy making for my family. It is spicy… and y’all know we love spicy food in la casa Guerra… it is savory, hearty, and it kind of has a nutty undertone that makes for a great dip, topping on a salad, or as a spread on a sandwich!