Cilantro Hummus

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I’ve been hooked on hummus for 10 years now. It is such a light, healthy, and flavorful dish that won’t have you regretting your life choices afterwards. I used to buy ready-made hummus from my local grocer up until 4 years ago, because I had no clue how to make it.

Then one day I decided to challenge myself to learn how to make a few of my favorite snacks… and hummus was on that list. I had no clue how quick and easy it was to make hummus, and I must say I was quite impressed with myself after.

That day I realized that I should really stop living in a box with my skills in the kitchen. I mean for real… It was only blended chickpeas for crying out loud! How could I have been so lazy no to even try to make it myself?

With that said, in time I begin to experiment more and more with different flavor to add in to my hummus. My all time favorite is my Cilantro Hummus. First of all, let me just make this super clear… cilantro is my lover, my boo-thang, my not so secret crush! When it comes to fresh herbs cilantro is first on my list followed by oregano, basil, and mint.

I find that adding fresh cilantro to hummus gives it such a refreshing flavor! I love to use it on my sandwiches, and as a dip with pita chips, or sliced cucumbers (my favorite). I am certain that you will love my recipe for Cilantro Hummus as much as I!

Cilantro Hummus