Easy Shrimp Etouffee

shrimp etouffee recipe

I have always had a love for Creole cuisine. It is a beautiful blend of flavors from the French, Spanish, and West African, German, Italian, and Irish cuisine. What gets me the most excited about it is the spice, which has a lot to do with the West African influence!

 I love spicy food, ask anyone who knows me; cayenne pepper and hot sauce are always stocked in our home. So of course Shrimp Etouffee is a favorite dish of mine. It is a simple dish that is easy to make, and doesn’t require a lot of technical skills. And thanks to the blend of cultures, it is flavor packed… oh and of course spicy!

So here is my quick and easy spin on Shrimp Etouffee, and if your family loves spicy food as much as mine, then they are going to love this. I have to admit, even our 17 month old twins love it… and that’s major!

Watch the recipe video in 480p or higher for best quality; and the step by step directions are listed below.