3 Bean Veggie Chili

vegan chili

It's no secret that in the Guerra casa, we are big fans of chili, especially good hearty and spicy chili! Growing up one of the first things I taught myself how to make was stews, then chili... I honestly made them so much, I started to slightly annoy my mother... Hey when you're young and you finally get a chance to cook something that taste great, yea you're going to make it a lot! lol

vegan chili recipe

This recipe is a beautiful blend of my favorite flavors, spicy and sweet. I find that the sugar helps to tame the spice down a bit, with the acid from the lime juice helps to balance all the flavors. No I only recommend limes for this recipe, although you could try with lemons, I personally feel that the acid  levels in lemon are way stronger than limes, and can end up over powering the dish. So if you do use lemons, be careful!

veggie chili

This chili is pretty hearty not to have meat in it, so for my meat lovers, you can add in your favorite meat, but it seriously does not need it. I believe one of the things that makes this dish hearty, are the mushrooms... what I like to call the meat of the earth... along with the variation of beans. It is so delicious! 

So since it's still chilly (pun intended)... why not take advantage of this winter favorite one last time?! 

3 Bean Veggie Chili