5 Reasons Why You Should Use Cinnamon


Cinnamon is a very well know and common seasoning that is seen and used everywhere. Its flavor profile is what can be considered a "sweet spice", although it is not technically sweet like sugar; which brings me to my first reason why you should incorporate cinnamon into your diet!

 1. Flavor Enhancer:
Cinnamon has been shown to mimic the sweetness of sugar, which can help you to cut back on your sugar intake. 

2. Blood Sugar Control:
Consuming a little Cinnamon extract daily has been said to be helpful in reducing the risk factors associated with diabetes. In Type-2 diabetics, it has been shown to improve their ability to response to insulin, normalizing their blood sugar levels.

3. Speeds Up Metabolism:
Cinnamon reduces the body's negative responses to eating high fat meals. It has the ability to alter the metabolism of sugar and carbohydrates, helping you body to better use the carbohydrates so that they don't turn into excess fat. This is perfect if you are dieting... hence that lemon, cayenne pepper cinnamon diet/detox.

4. Brain Functions:
Cinnamon is also said to boost brain functions. It has been proven to enhance virtual recognition memory, working memory, and visual motor speed.

5. Calcium & Fiber:
Cinnamon is a great source of calcium and fiber, helping to reduce the risk of colon cancer.


what does cinnamon taste like

What does Cinnamon taste like?
Cinnamon has both a sweet and woody flavor.


How I use Cinnamon.

1.      I sprinkle a little in cinnamon in coffee grounds before brewing, or I will sprinkle a little in my teas and lattes as well.

2.      If you want to get off coffee highly recommend you to try warm vanilla Hemp Milk and Cinnamon... OMG, my favorite!

3.      I love the flavor of cinnamon and chicken! I generally mix it with a few of my other favorite seasoning for chicken.

4.      You can add a little cinnamon to pancake batter.

5.      You can also add a little cinnamon in with store bought marinara pasta sauce.

So this week I challenge you guys to try using cinnamon in a new way. With all the benefits that cinnamon possesses, you would be missing out by not taking advantage of it.