TabbedOut... A Life Saver

I know I haven't posted all week, but I had a pretty eventful weekend this past weekend! For starters Thanksgiving was on Thursday, and of course I did a lot of cooking, and then on Saturday was my husband’s surprised birthday dinner! Both days we had family and friends come to visit, so between entertaining and cooking, I needed to take a few days off!

Now since it's Friday, I just had to tell you about this cool app I used for my husband’s surprise birthday dinner at Flip Burger Boutique that you must try this weekend!

If you haven't heard of this app called TabbedOut, you are surely missing out! TabbedOut is basically an app that allows you to check yourself out at any of their participating restaurant... and they have a lot of restaurants! It's so cool that they even have it where you can choose your tip percentage and the app will add up the total cost for you. So no more waiting in line, or on a server on a busy day to check out, no more adding up tip amounts, and get this... they will even split the check for you!

I found out about this app 2 weeks ago, and I have been hooked ever since! Not to mention... the coolest part... when you use the app for the 1st time at any of their participating restaurants you also get money off your tab, and other discounts! Also once you join they will give you a referral code to give to your friends and family... *cough cough* E4D7A2... haha! Anyway, the more friends you refer the more discounts you receive.

Now as a wife and mother of twins, I am all about savings! So this is something that I just had to share with you all! For the days when Mommy needs a break from cooking, or it's a date night, you should definitely use TabbedOut!