Spice Up Your Store Bought Pasta Sauce

Chicken Rotini Pasta

I am one woman who is a big fan of making things from scratch, especially pasta sauce; but every now and then I venture off to the pasta aisles and find myself purchasing marinara sauce.

I find store bought marinara sauce is very convent for the busy mother, because not every mother has the time or patience to make sauce from scratch, and there's nothing wrong with that! There have been days where I was just too tired to even think of trying to make a pasta sauce from scratch, and that marinara sauce sitting in our pantry came in handy... but... being who I am, I could never just use the pasta sauce without adding a bit of extra spices and herbs to it.

There is something about store bought sauce that taste like it’s just missing something... perhaps, it’s because it is manufactured, so there is no love put into it... I don't know, but what I do know is that it can taste quiet bland. Now, if you're new to me you will come to learn that I am all about spices and tasting your food as you cook, and the same thing applies to prepared sauce. Just because the label says that it has sautéed onions and garlic, or roasted pepper, doesn't mean the taste will be right by you and your family.

Ragu pasta sauce

For instance, the other night for dinner I decided to use a store bought marinara sauce for the pasta I was making. Nothing fancy it was just basic chicken and mushroom rotini pasta.

chicken and mushrooms pasta
pasta sauce

I decided that the salt and garlic powder wasn't enough for the sauce, so towards the end of cooking I seasoned my sauce with some additional dry basil, cinnamon, and pure honey.

In my opinion the cinnamon and honey counteracts the acidic taste of the tomatoes making it more flavorful. Now, no I didn't measure the amount, I just tasted as I went along, which FYI is the best way to cook.

Rotini Pasta

Once I got my sauce to my desired flavor, I added it, along with the chicken, mushrooms, garlic, and onions to my pot with my noodles. I mixed it in well, and let it sit on low heat for 10 minutes. By doing this, it allowed for all the flavors to stick to the pasta noodles, and it came out delicious!

chicken pasta

So I want to inspire and challenge you, for the next time you purchase a store bought sauce, put some of you into it, don't just season it with salt and call it a day!